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UAV, UAS, RPA, RPAS, GCS... What are behind this acronyms, what are the emerging and future commercial opportunities for this market, what are the laws in Europe and beyond, who are the market players and what are the best system for my business requirements? We will give you the best answer on your questions!

RPAS Academy are designed to provide executives, managers, decision makers and specialists comprehensive education, training and consultancy support for RPAS (remotely piloted aircraft systems) with a maximum take-off mass of less than 150 kg, also known as Light RPAS. The delivery is focused on civil applications for RPAS and provide fundamentals through to specific applications, its techniques of system operation, and the promotion of RPAS-related products and services in Europe. The training also anticipates the certifications, approvals and flight crew licensing requirements that will be forthcoming from civil authorities.

RPAS Experts Consultancy Service
RPAS Experts helps you to develope your company´s products and push its potential based on local business and civil authorities certification requirements around Europe. We will provide a conduit between OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer), aerial work operators and end users. Our goals are:

  • Create a europe-class infrastructure for RPAS development, testing and evaluation
  • Promote commercialization of new RPAS-related products & services
  • Promote private sector job growth throughout Europe

Note: Consulting language can be english, italian or german.

OEM Showroom & Training Program
RPAS Academy offers to OEM´s the opportunity to showcase its products and solutions in the unmanned system industry context. Our training and education programs content are constructed around the OEM sponsored products and solutions. Ask us today how to become part of the OEM Showroom & Training Program.

RPAS Experts Training Programs
RPAS Academy offers various type of education, training and consultancy services, ranging from 1-day introductionary seminars through classroom trainings, to flight trainings. Call us today to request more info about our education and training offerings:

  • 1-day customer site RPAS Introductionary & Round Table Discussion
  • 2-days RPAS Fundamentals classroom at RPAS Academy Training Facility
  • RPA rotary-wing external pilot ab-initio Pilot Training for novice
  • RPA rotary-wing internal pilot Type Rating Pilot Training for manned pilots

The 1-day customer site RPAS Introductionary & Round Table Discussion training are oriented to private companies, governmental institutions (fire fighter, law enforcement, first responder, etc), high shools and universities to gather an overview education on the Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems (RPAS) market in Europe. The content is tailored to specific customer requirements.
Note: Speaker language can be english, italian or german.

The 2-day RPAS Fundamentals classroom training program is designed to educate individuals or teams to enter the civil RPAS industry and to optimize purchasing decisions. Students will gain a knowledge of RPAS architectures and its single components, classifications, certification levels, operational and safety aspects. Also, students will touch real RPAS platforms, avionic and ground station components, as well as Human Machine Interface (HMI) design software.
Note: Speaker language can be english, italian or german.

UXV University Training Courses
RPAS Academy is also the italian representative for the U.S. organisation "Unmanned Vehicle University" which offers best-of-the-art online and 3-day classroom courses. Download now the UVU course catalogue and call us to reserve your course today. Visit the UXV University website for more informations:


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OEM Showroom & Training Program Datasheet

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